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Affordable  freehold Villas On Zakynthos


 We offer a 'from plan' service, which means you can choose your plot, house design and interior layout, (or even design your own) and we can help you to achieve your dream home. Whilst the build can be as little as 12 weeks,  legalities and land transfer have to take place first, which slows things down. Please order as soon as possible to enjoy your new Villa. As we are very busy at the moment, please contact us at to arrange a viewing, or use the telephone numbers above


This large 2 bed Villa is from just €77,750.  Use the calculator to check the price in your currency.

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The prices shown on this website are based on the current taxation rates and material costs in Feb 2017. If these change, of neccessity it will be reflected in a change in price, which we will keep to a minimum. Architect fees and planning permission fees are combined but not included in the price. As normal in land and house purchasing in Greece all Notary, Solicitors and land registry fees, and any purchase tax if applicable are the responsibility of the buyer.

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The main frame of our Villas is pre- constructed in the factory and transported to site and erected in sections on damp-proof insulated foundations. The roof is also pre-cut in the factory to ensure it fits perfectly ready to recieve the tiles. Build time from foundation to rafters is about 8 days. The tiling can then be commenced as the walls are finished and waterproofed; inside the second fix can take place.

Every VILLA has -




Tiled pitch roof


Individual Meters


 Double Glazed Doors and Windows


Large Plot with parking