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Zante Homes

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Mike Costello is a retired PoliceOfficer and former structural engineer and is married to Liz Costello who is a retired Army Paramedic. Both have been resident on the Island for a number of years and own an old Olive Grove now know as 'KukuVayia Park' (Owl Park) . The land boasts some trees of 700 yrs old, all the large trees and as many smaller trees as possible will be retained so that the new Villas will benefit from the shade and privacy.

Although we work from home and don't have an office, we are well known and have a good reputation.  We are happy to meet to discuss details, or just to get to know you (us). Just give us a quick call, or a text or email and we'll get back to you. Our completed Show Villa is vailable for viewing and we will gladly take you or guide you to see it and the surrounding area.

Affordable Villas On Zakynthos