Zante Homes

Frequentley Asked  Questions

  1. Is there anything else to pay?
  2. Is the Property Double Glazed?
  3. Do I own the land (Freehold)?
  4. Can I have animals?
  5. Can I park next to my Villa?
  6. Are separate utility meters provided?
  7. How is the Villa heated?
  8. Do I have to pay everything up front?
  9. Do I need a solicitor?
  10. Do I need an architect?
  11. What happens about planning permission?
  12. How big is it?
  13. Can I see one before I decide?


Affordable Villas On Zakynthos

1.No. All fees and costs are included in the price, however if taxes rise, the  cost will be    adjusted to accomodate this.

2. The property has all windows and doors, including patio doors double glazed.

3. The land title  is transferred to you at the very begining and is FREEHOLD

4. The land is yours. You can have whatever animals you like, subject to any bye laws

5. The land is yours. Access and parking for vehicles is included.

6. Seperate Electricity and Water meters are provided for each property.

7. A wood burner is installed, and is ample heating for the whole Villa

8. No, but a substantial proportion is required at the begining as you buy the land, obtain planning permission, start the foundations and order the house all in quick succession.

9. You will need an seperate independant solicitor for conveyancing etc.

10. Yes an architect is needed to deal with the planning office. We suggest that you use ours as he already has all the details of the land co-ordinates to pass to the solicitor and notary. You don't have to use ours, but he already has some details and has already approached the planning office. In the long run he will probably be cheaper than starting from scratch.

11. An architect is needed to deal with the planning office. Outline planning permision has already been discussed withe the planning office and our architect will complete the application for you to conclusion as the land is purchased.

12. The houses / villas are wood framed and therefore assemble quickly. They are certainly not small. NOT a chalet, wood cabin, holiday cottage; These are the same size as a single storey family house, and have the same finish. Our standard  Villa has 76 sq m of living space, a large covered patio and a small patio.

13. Yes we have completed a Villa at it can be viewed outside at any time, inside by appointment, as it is occupied.

KuKuVayia Park, Alykanas, Zakynthos