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Zante Homes

Surrounding Area


Alykanas Beach, Amoudi Beach ,Tavernas, Restaurants, Late Night Bars,  Horse & Cart Taxis, Hotels,Water Sports, Walks, Riding, Cycle %Car Hire


Affordable Villas On Zakynthos

GPS /Goggle Earth    Lat: 37.830358     Long: 20.7993

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It's not far........but you have to follow the roadway at least to start with until you can find your way through the olive grove lanes. So, Leave Alykanas on the road to Zakynthos town. You will pass Busters, Plessas Palace, Elpida and Roadhouse and go STRAIGHT ON up a slight hill past a petrol station on the left. Follow that road for about another 500 mtrs past the petrol station (the road turns and twists a bit) and you will come to a LEFT turn signposted Amoudi. To confirm you have to correct road, look to the right and you will see a disused petrol station just beyond the turn. Turn LEFT and follow that road through the village. After you pass the little supermarket on the left (300m?), you will see a traffic mirror on a pole on the right opposite an orange house. Go past that mirror and look for a second one. Turn LEFT directly opposite that mirror. You are now on a minor road; follow that road for about 500m and there is a track on the right  That track is still a public road, and from that point you will see the end of a large white house, and a large stone wall...that's it. It sounds more difficult than it is. Any doubt or if you want us to take you,  please feel free to ring/txt.

Supermarket, School, Winery

Local Village

KuKuVayia Park, Alykanas, Zakynthos