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KukuVayia Park (Owl Park) is an old Olive Grove situated slightly inland from Old Alykanas and Amoudi. (Please see Location page). The land boasts some trees of 700 yrs old, and all the large trees will be retained and as many smaller trees as possible so that the new  'Frame-House' Villas can be threaded in amongst them. Plots will have up to 12 trees each to provide shade against the summer sun, and olive oil for the kitchen. A maximum of 8 dwellings will be spread over the land, affording maximum privacy.  Although we only show a choice of  2 external designs, the new LARGER PLOTS mean we can build bigger 3 bed  159k, 169k,  3/4bed (or 3 + study)  179k. Please see the page or just ask for  details.

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Lat: 37.830358

Long: 20.7993

Villa / Plot Status

  1.    Show Villa 477    1   under consideration
  2.    Available   477    1   92,750      2   89,500
  3.    Available   480    1   88,750      2   85,250
  4.    Available   453    1   88,750      2   86,250
  5.    Available   501    1   90,100      2   87,450
  6.    Sold          420    1   xxxxxxx     
  7.    Available   543    1   under consideration
  8.    Available   545    1   under consideration


Black - Available  RED  - Under Offer / Sold

At this stage, any design / style can be placed on any plot -prices vary

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Fees: Architect & Planning Included.

Notary+ Registry+ Solicitor+ Taxes; Included